Monday, November 5, 2012

Evatronix selects MunEDA tool suite WiCkeD

GERMANY: Evatronix SA has closed a licensing agreement with MunEDA regarding the MunEDA tool suite WiCkeD for analysis, modelling, optimization and verification of integrated circuit designs. With MunEDA’s WiCkeD tool suite Evatronix establishes a fast and reliable process to port its intellectual property (IP) upon customer request and create documented verification of IP quality and robustness.

Carsten Elgert, vice president Marketing and Sales of Evatronix stated: “The ability to port our IP to other process technologies reliably in a short and predictable timeframe strongly increases our potential market. With MunEDA´s WiCkeD tools we can nicely satisfy our customer requirements by porting the IP in a very short timeframe and even provide proof of IP quality and robustness verified in the target technology.”

"We are proud to have Evatronix, provider of IP cores for more than 14 years with more than 500 customers worldwide, as a new customer for our WiCkeD tool suite,” said Andreas Ripp, MunEDA vice president Sales & Marketing. Our excellent cooperation with Evatronix is very promising for the future because Evatronix frequently needs to port IP and create customer-specific derivatives of existing IP, which is a sweet spot application for our tools. We are also excited about establishing our verification flow as state-of-the-art proof of circuit quality and robustness for IP."

“The ability to port IP quickly and with proven documented quality is a strategic enhancement to gain market share and scale the reuse factor, which is critical in the IP business,” said Wojciech Sakowski, co-founder and president of Evatronix. “Using sophisticated technology like WiCkeD is essential to us, strengthening our capabilities both in terms of winning business and executing projects. Such competitive advantage will be a key factor for our future success."

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