Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Pericom expands mobile platform connectivity solutions

INTEL DEVELOPER FORUM (IDF), CHINA: Pericom Semiconductor Corp. announced new switching and power management products targeting advanced  connectivity requirements of the latest CPU chipsets for mobility and related applications.

The new power management products control platform voltage distribution with unique features for mobile platforms, while the new switching products are optimized for Thunderbolt, USB, and HDMI/DP (DisplayPort) switching applications. Pericom will display these new devices at the IDF Intel Developer Forum, Beijing, PRC, April 10-11, 2013 at Booth E51.

“Our newly announced switching and power management product solutions are optimized with unique industry features that improve customer platform performance,” said Alex Hui, Pericom president and CEO. “We continue to focus our product development on providing industry leading features in our targeted mobility, server/storage, embedded, and networking markets.”

The two new power management load switches sequence the voltage turn-on in mobile platforms to help conserve battery drain. Pericom offers industry unique linear slew rates which provide a smooth voltage ramp, with the benefit of preserving battery life.

The new 10.3Gbps Thunderbolt high speed switch is designed to multiplex and de-multiplex  the main Thunderbolt data paths into individual signals from the graphics processor and route them to a platform connector or end point. The switch includes two 10.3Gbps full duplex data paths, can accept DP and HDMI signals, and offers extremely low power and signal attenuation to preserve high speed signal integrity and system performance.

The two new HDMI/DP high speed switches can accept a very wide signal range, which enables the platform’s video stream to operate, even if the external signal is less than optimum. The new USB signal switch adds a unique feature that protects the CPU chipset from accidental over-voltage damage via USB connector reversal or mishandling.

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