Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Inomize becomes newest Tensilica design center in Israel

USA & ISRAEL: Tensilica Inc. announced that Inomize, the largest Israeli ASIC solutions firm, is now a qualified Tensilica design center.

Inomize will work with Tensilica's growing Israeli customer base to manage complex chip design projects, with a particular focus on the growing number of designs using Tensilica's leading audio, baseband and RF (radio frequency) DSPs (digital signal processors) and DPUs (dataplane processors). Inomize has extensive expertise in semiconductors, algorithms, baseband modems, wireless, video, audio, analog and RF.

"We're excited to work closely with Tensilica, who is creating a major presence in Israel for many signal processing designs," stated Udi Shaked, CEO, Inomize.

"Tensilica's ConnX communications DSPs and HiFi audio/voice DSPs are ideal for many companies in Israel doing digital signal processing. Instead of using inflexible, legacy, off-the-shelf DSPs, Tensilica's customers can customize cores for their exact specifications, letting them run at the lowest power and area while achieving higher performance. That level of customization is essential for the highly innovative customer base that we serve here in Israel."

"Inomize has built up extensive expertise in signal processing applications and ASIC designs and they will be a valuable resource for our expanding customer base in Israel," stated Tensilica president and CEO, Jack Guedj. "Inomize works with a first-class customer list and has a good track record with IP integration and all aspects of chip design."

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