Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Kozio releases VTOS support for Intel's fourth generation processors

USA: Kozio Inc. announced the release of a Verification and Test OS (VTOS) for Intel's 4th generation processors, Haswell and Haswell Mobile ULT.

Haswell designs can now experience the benefits of VTOS in engineering, production and field deployment.  VTOS combines over 300 functional tests, scripting, in-system programming and command line access to provide a unique and powerful solution for embedded hardware design verification and test.

VTOS can be utilized in engineering, production and the field providing a consistent and repeatable test strategy and coverage for each lifecycle phase.  Engineering can accelerate the time to OS boot for new prototypes while production can address the declining structural test coverage being realized by ICT and Boundary Scan.
On the production test floor, Haswell designs can now benefit from an embedded test phase which complements ICT and Boundary Scan while improving the predictability of a successful OS boot.  In the field, unnecessary and costly board returns can be avoided with a VTOS power-on self-test that can be shipped with your product.

VTOS provides a test and debug solution that supports DDR memory, processor functions (interrupt handling, timer services, etc.), UARTs, I2C devices, SPI devices, USB devices, PCI Express devices and more.  Board Scan, a VTOS test capability, executes a scan detecting defective devices in a matter of seconds.

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