Monday, April 29, 2013

Focus of SEMI Europe networking day: Embedded packaging technologies enabling product differentiation

FRANCE: SEMI Europe announced a new Networking Day focusing on Embedded Packaging on June 27, 2013 in Portugal. Hosted by NANIUM, the largest pure play packaging foundry of Europe, in Vila do Conde (Porto, Portugal), the event will feature speakers from companies involved in Fan Out Wafer Level Packaging (FO-WLP) and in Embedded Die in laminate substrate.

Driven by consumer markets and mainly by smartphone products, embedded packaging solutions provide the best power, performance, and area system tradeoff by integrating more functionalities into a smaller and thinner package. With annual growth  forecast at more than 25 percent by market analyst firms such as Yole D√©veloppement, these technologies are already implemented in high-volume cellular phones and are critical for enabling future innovative solutions, including 3D packaging solutions.

The Networking Day will combine presentations from companies that influence the industry and offer unique add-ons such the visit of NANIUM’s clean room, the largest FO-WLP 300mm facility worldwide, and several networking opportunities including the Speed Networking Session and social evening events.

Speakers from ASE Group (Taiwan) and STMicroelectronics (Switzerland) will keynote and share the latest results of their work in embedded packaging and their respective strategy. ASE Group was a very early adopter of the 1st generation of FO-WLP (licensed eWLB technology developed by Infineon), starting with 200mm capabilities and now very active in embedded die in substrate.
STMicroelectronics, one of the founding members with Infineon and STATS Chip Pac, of an R&D alliance in Singapore to advance eWLB platform back in late 2009, developed a wide range of technology options around FO-WLP to serve its various product groups addressing multiple market segments.

Presentations from TechSearch (USA) and Yole Développment (France), two of the most respected global forecast and technology analyst packaging companies, will describe the technology landscape, market and main players. Additional speakers from Intel Mobile Communications, AT&S, and NXP are confirmed.

“We are pleased that we developed such a strong lineup of speakers from the main players designing, manufacturing and selling embedded packages all over the world. We are still at an early stage, many additional business opportunities in embedded packaging are still upfront for equipment and materials companies. Embedded packages have the potential to become the new packaging platform beyond the BGA solution,” said Heinz Kundert, SEMI Europe president.

“The contribution of NANIUM and its partners to FO-WLP high-volume manufacturing is a cornerstone of the embedded packaging industry. Hosting this event in our facility is proof of our commitment to extend the technology further into the market,” said Armando Tavares, president and CEO of NANIUM.

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