Thursday, April 18, 2013

SiC devices market will exceed $600 million by 2020

FRANCE: Two years ago, Yole Développement said “The SiC industry is not a niche market anymore.” With its SiC technology & market analysis update arriving in May 2013, the French technology consulting company will confirm this statement by announcing that the SiC Devices market will surpass $600 million by 2020.

“We expect a SiC market with 30 percent CAGR between 2015 – 2020,” said Dr. Philippe Roussel, Business Unit Manager, Power Electronics & Compound Semi at Yole Développement.

For the third time, Yole Développement, the SiC Power Center and the Enterprise Europe Network have joined forces to organize the International SiC Power Electronics Applications Workshop 2013
(ISiCPEAW). ISiCPEAW is a unique European conference dedicated solely to the silicon carbide industry. Over three days, key players such as CREE, Rhom, Mitsubishi and Infineon will swap the SiC
technology visions, exchange insights on market developments, and identify business opportunities.
ISiCPEAW 2013 takes place in Stockholm, Sweden from June 9 - 11. Don’t miss this once-a-year opportunity to learn more about SiC technology’s evolution and meet the industry’s leaders.

SiC device makers now offer two main power electronics devices: the diode and the transistor. Hearkening back to 2011, SiC’s two main players, Rohm and CREE, announced the introduction of the first SiC MOSFET devices. The obvious question is, what’s next?

Per Yole Développement, SiC device applications are profligate today in a variety of fields, including trains, wind turbines, EV/HEV, motor control and smart grids... SiC technology, compared to GaN and silicon, provides strong added-value for high and very high-voltage applications (from 1.7kV - 10kV).

For applications exceeding 10kV, only a few players are developing SiC devices, and the existing market is still very low. For this reason, ISiCPEAW 2013 will feature a special session dedicated to market opportunities and related technologies for High Voltage SiC, 1.7kV and over.

In 2012, ISiCPEAW welcomed 200+ attendees from around the world. In 2013, we expect to do even better!

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