Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Changes in SoC design methodology

USA: Advances in the third party semiconductor intellectual property (SIP) market as well as in the EDA market have allowed silicon designers to increase the complexity in their silicon solutions to the point where the industry can actually think about these solutions in the plural sense, as system(s)-on-a-chip (SoC).

The rise of multicore and many-core SoCs engender solutions that encompass complete and highly differentiated architectures, better fitted to the applications they are targeted towards.

The trend toward higher complexity applications has confirmed the SoC design methodology as the methodology of choice for silicon designers and architects to accomplish their silicon solutions.

The acceptance of the SoC design methodology has led to a 12.6 percent increase in 2012 unit shipments and a forecasted 11.5 percent increase in 2013 shipments with forecasted revenues for 2013 increasing 12.2 percent to reach $92.9 billion.

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