Monday, April 22, 2013

INSIDE Secure to showcase high-speed secure networking solutions

DESIGN WEST, USA: INSIDE Secure is showcasing its high speed secure networking solutions in Booth 2337 at the DESIGN West 2013 technical conference and expo, April 22-25, at the McEnery Convention Center in San Jose, Calif.

These solutions comprise a set of pre-integrated security IP cores and software toolkits designed to address the unique bandwidth and security needs created by the unrelenting streams of information generated by “Big Data.”

“The efficient integration of our MatrixSSL and QuickSec software and our SafeXcel hardware IP enables us to achieve tremendous performance without sacrificing security,” said Simon Blake Wilson, executive vice president of the Embedded Security Solutions division for INSIDE Secure. “Developers often underestimate the complexity of effective hardware integration, and these solutions address that complexity, offering market-leading performance and enabling appliances to offer the lowest cost per gigabit of throughput.”

The MatrixSSL software for SSL and the QuickSec software for IPSec can be executed on a variable number of cores, giving designers the flexibility to run application software on other cores. This type of capability is critical to networking equipment, where performance cannot be sacrificed to meet security demands.

In the booth, INSIDE Secure will be discussing other methods of achieving high performance and scalable network and communications security.  INSIDE will also present area- and power-efficient ways to secure mobile and machine-to-machine devices using security tools for the multiple layers of networking infrastructure.

INSIDE Secure provides a range of cryptographic building blocks that allow the security architect to implement comprehensive security architecture without detailed involvement in the complexities of low-level cryptographic operation and key management.

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