Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Sonics and ARM enter patent license agreement

USA: Sonics Inc., the leader of system IP for cloud-scale systems-on-chip (SoC), announced that ARM has licensed Sonics patent portfolio currently consisting of 138 properties for use in ARM products and specifications.

Sonics patent portfolio, several of which are fundamental to the development and implementation of on-chip interconnect products used in SoCs, is powering many of today’s cutting edge connected devices. This agreement also signals the closer cooperation between Sonics and ARM on Sonics’ next generation advanced power management and on-chip interconnect technologies for leading edge SoCs.

Sonics and ARM also announced cooperation to support Sonics’ next generation advanced power management technologies, which are intended to deliver disruptive levels of power savings through dark silicon techniques. Close interaction between system processors, on-chip networks and the attached IP subsystems and cores are important to minimizing overall system power.

The ability to keep cores switched off for much longer periods of time, along with the ability to turn devices on and off much more rapidly, will enable significant power savings over current solutions. Through close coordination with ARM, Sonics will provide SoC developers with the ability to continue to scale the performance and functionality of their devices while increasing battery life.

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