Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Altis intros next generation of embedded CBRAM technology

FRANCE: Altis announced the next generation of embedded CBRAM (eCBRAM) technology, a new platform available for demonstration in Q2 2013.

The new technology features design and manufacturing improvements which deliver higher reliability and faster write speeds. eCBRAM technology was developed through Altis’ partnership with Adesto Technologies and will enhance the Altis eNVM (embedded non-volatile memory) foundry service portfolio, today based on 130nm CMOS technologies.

eCBRAM is an innovative embedded memory, combining EEPROM flexibility with embedded Flash density. Altis’ 130nm eCBRAM technology is 100 percent compatible with the Altis 130nm Low Power Platform.

To improve cost efficiency for prospective new customer designs, Altis offers customers the shared cost benefits of its “multi-product wafer” program (MPW). The MPW program for new eCBRAM designs is now open to customers.

eCBRAM technology is well-suited for consumer, wireless, contactless and smart secure applications that require ultra-low power and fast access time.

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