Monday, January 7, 2013

Conexant launches ultra-lower power I2S audio codec with integrated DSP features

USA: Conexant Systems Inc. announced the CX20787, an ultra low-power, I2S audio codec with integrated stereo class-D speaker amplifiers and power-efficient class-G headphone amplifiers.

When combined with Conexant’s software algorithms and design support, the CX20787 becomes an ideal turnkey solution for applications that require high-quality audio performance such as tablets, ultrabooks, portable media players, and smartphones.

The CX20787 satisfies the demand for high-quality audio in these devices while consuming very little power, thus helping to preserve battery life.

Featuring integrated digital signal processing (DSP), fully configurable hardware EQ and dual-knee dynamic range control (DRC) with reconfigurable inputs or outputs, the CX20787 maximizes speaker loudness without distortion, performs loudness compensation, improves frequency response, protects speakers from over-driving, and extends the microphone pick-up range for far-field speakerphone applications.

The CX20787 has a pair of ProCoustic capless headphone drivers, which eliminate the need for external  DC blocking capacitors, and its detect and switch support capabilities support a variety of global headsets. The CX20787 also supports DSP side-port to Conexant’s Digital Audio processor, which adds advanced voice preprocessing and low power Wake-on-Voice function in the portable device.

“Long battery life, small footprint and low cost, along with superior audio fidelity, are absolute must-haves to win in the portable market,” said Jonathan Chien, executive director of marketing for Conexant.  “With the introduction of the CX20787, we are providing an optimum solution with ultra low-power and a superior audio experience, paired with our renowned voice processing algorithms, while enabling our customers to save on bill of materials costs.”

Key features of the CX20787 include:
• Capless stereo class-G headphone driver with single-ended external mono mic.
• Stereo differential speaker with class-D amplifier.
• HW audio signal processing including a fully configurable 5-band bi-quad EQ on stereo output and dual-knee stereo DRC with reconfigurable inputs.
• Multiple independent asynchronous sample rate converters (ASRC).
• Write sequencer to minimize setup and simplify programming.
• Load based speaker protection including power averaging, short circuit, DC protection, over temperature and high pass filtering.
• PopShield circuitry to eliminate pops and clicks.
• Three differential mic/line shared with digital mic ports.
• Two mic bias with programmable microphone boost.
• Stereo digital microphone with programmable clock source.
• Three I2S ports with integrated PLLs.
• Multiple GPIO’s with hardware volume control.
• Jack sense with debounce.
• <70uw p="p" power.="power." standby="standby">• 4mm x 3.9mm, 72 WLCSP package, -40C to +85C.
• Wind noise filter.
• Sidetone with selectable gain.
• Stereo differential or SE line-outs.

The CX20787 is currently sampling, and EVKs are available to qualified customers and partners.

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