Monday, January 14, 2013

Real Intent supports growth by partnering with TBS Technologies in Israel

USA & ISRAEL: Real Intent Inc., the leading provider of software products that accelerate early functional verification and advanced sign-off of electronic designs, has signed TBS Technologies as its newest distribution partner.

The move brings local sales and support expertise to design teams in Israel to address the growing need for Real Intent’s advanced verification solutions; it also complements the company’s existing sales and support teams in Europe, North America and Asia.

TBS Technologies was formed in 2003 to answer the growing need for professional IP, design services and embedded products in Israel. The company is well recognized for its in-depth knowledge of embedded system and VLSI design houses in Israel.

“Design teams worldwide have been struggling to get designs verified using tools that offer only mediocre performance and produce noisy reports that are hard to use,” said Hamed Emami, VP of worldwide sales and marketing at Real Intent.

“As a result, major semiconductor companies worldwide rapidly are adopting Real Intent’s Ascent Lint and Meridian CDC products in their default flow, displacing their previous generation tools.  We are experiencing tremendous growth and are pleased to partner with TBS Technologies in the Israeli market.  They will serve the many Israeli R&D labs and semiconductor companies, and help us achieve our growth objectives throughout this dynamic country.”

TBS Technologies founder Moty Hermann, has more than 20 years of Israeli market sales experience and specialized expertise in setting up sales channels and penetrating the local market for foreign high-technology companies.

He added: “Our mission is to provide best-in-class sales and technical expertise for innovative design products in Israel. We have extensive knowledge of what design teams require, and recognize Real Intent as a leader in advanced verification solutions. Their tools will bring significant time-to-market and productivity benefits to the aggressive designs we see in Israel.”

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