Thursday, January 31, 2013

Mature fabs still process 40 percent of all silicon

USA: Advanced technologies and the latest consumer electronics grab the major headlines but the semiconductor industry depends on mature technologies and legacy equipment.

Today, about 40 percent of all silicon used to produce semiconductors are processed using mature manufacturing technologies. The manufacturing processes at 0.18 micron and larger still utilize 200mm and smaller wafer fabs.

Semico's Joanne Itow closely follows these markets, and has been invited to speak at the First Annual Collaborative Forum at the SEMI headquarters in San Jose, CA on Feb 6-7th, 2013. It's hosted by the Fab Owners Association, and the theme is "Innovating For Success In a Foundry-Dominated World."

Joanne Itow, Semico's MD, will be presenting on fab capacity and volume devices that continue to utilize mature technologies. In addition, she will moderate a panel on used equipment trends and issues related to maintaining legacy fabs.

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