Thursday, January 24, 2013

Renesas announces low on-state resistance power MOSFETs

USA: Renesas Electronics Corp. announced three new low on-state resistance MOSFET products, including the μPA2766T1A, optimized for use as ORing FETs in power supply units for network servers and storage systems.

Featuring the industry’s lowest on-state resistance of 0.72 mΩ (typical value) for 30 V – about 50 percent lower resistance compared to Renesas’ earlier products – and a high-efficiency, small surface mount package (8-pin HVSON), the new products enable high-current control in a smaller package contributing to power savings and miniaturization of the power units used for comparably large scale server storage systems.

For mission-critical systems, it is common to provide redundant power delivery, i.e., by ORing FET with multiple power units that maintain high reliability for the server storages systems. These ORing FETs are connected to the power output lines of each of the power supply units. They remain in the on-state during normal operation, but if one of the power supply units fails, the ORing FETs of that unit switch to the off-state in order to isolate them from the other power supply units and ensure that the failed unit does not disrupt system power.

During normal operation, the power output lines handle large currents of several tens to several hundreds of amperes. The ORing FETs must have low on-state resistance characteristics to prevent an increase in conduction loss or a drop in the power supply voltage.

In response to this need, Renesas has developed a trio of MOSFETs based on the company’s new low on-state resistance process. The new μPA2764T1A, μPA2765T1A and μPA2766T1A meet this need, offering industry-leading low on-resistance in power supply devices in smaller form factors.

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