Monday, January 28, 2013

DSP Group intros DECT ultra low energy DHX91 chipset

USA: DSP Group Inc. has released its cutting-edge DHX91 DECT ultra low energy (ULE) chipset, addressing the demanding requirements of smart home and smart energy devices.

The new DHX91 chipset is a flexible, high-performance and highly-integrated system on a chip (SoC), enabling ultra low energy (ULE) DECT wireless communication for smart home and smart energy applications such as home automation, security, monitoring, metering, healthcare and others. Combining unique DECT ULE features with a high level of integration and optimized connectivity to various types of sensors, the DHX91 is the most cost-optimized solution for home area network (HAN) devices.

The DHX91 chipset includes rich set of technologies, such as a cutting-edge ULE block, a digital baseband controller based on advanced ARM9(TM) core, a state-of-the-art RF transceiver, power amplifiers, various peripherals, and enhanced hardware accelerators for voice and video applications. The DHX91 is offered in various cost/performance optimized configurations.

The DHX91's small footprint and high integration allows for highly compact designs. The DSP Group's DECT ULE module, demonstrated at CES 2013 in Las Vegas, meets the demands of HAN devices such as door magnets, healthcare pendants, smoke and motion detectors, AC outlets, and more. DSP Group provides full hardware and software reference designs for the DHX91 in order to minimize time to market and reduce cost and risk for home automation device manufacturers.

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