Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Magma’s Titan delivers higher quality and faster design convergence for analog IP

SAN JOSE, USA: Magma Design Automation announced the availability of a new release of the Titan Analog/Mixed-Signal (Titan AMS) Design Platform. With patent-pending analog design technology, Titan provides an innovative FlexCell-to-GDSII analog/mixed-signal (AMS) flow that organically integrates both electrical design and physical design into one unified design methodology.

This paradigm-shifting, electrical-physical co-design flow ranges from front-end design such as schematics to circuit optimization in Titan Analog Design Accelerator (Titan ADX) to back-end design such as placement and routing in Titan Analog Virtual Prototyper (Titan AVP) and Titan Shape-Based Router (Titan SBR). Leveraging tight integration through a unified database and enhanced algorithms Titan further accelerates AMS design and reuse, setting a new standard in design automation for productivity, portability and quality.

This new Titan release supports Magma’s Silicon One initiative by providing faster design convergence, larger capacity and highly automated design flows that address the increasing size, complexity, and shortened development cycles, of today’s AMS designs.

Key enhancements include updates to foundry partner AMS reference flows, more efficient legacy data format support through native OpenAccess (OA) support, embedding Magma’s super-fast FineSim SPICE circuit simulation for faster and more efficient process modeling, the addition of several new advanced FlexCells that serve as process-independent analog building blocks, support of higher frequency transistor characteristics for RF design, increased capacity to simultaneously handle hundreds of multi-corner scenarios, parallel optimization through distributed implementation for faster runtime and better quality of results (QoR), and tight integration with Magma’s digital implementation tool Talus for more efficient top-level routing and chip finishing. Titan’s enhanced co-design flow has proven its value for early adopters who have experienced 2X improvement in design productivity while achieving better results.

“As evidenced by initial successes by and Panasonic, iWatt and Exar as well as recent achievements by Fujitsu and other users, Titan is experiencing very rapid adoption for a wide variety of analog designs being manufactured in process nodes ranging from 180 to 28 nanometer and below,” said Anirudh Devgan, GM of Magma’s Custom Design Business Unit. “More than half of the top 20 semiconductor companies in the world are Titan customers and several more are actively evaluating this technology. This growth is a direct result of Titan’s advanced analog circuit design capabilities, such as non-linear constraint-based circuit optimization and high capacity and high quality analog routing that allow Titan to offer significant quality and turnaround-time advantages over traditional analog design and implementation tools. Backed by Magma’s talented engineering, R&D and worldwide FAE teams, new customers can be confident in adopting this innovative solution.”

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