Tuesday, November 29, 2011

IDT RapidIO Gen2 switches selected by Prodrive to enhance performance of next gen AdvancedTCA platforms

SAN JOSE, USA: Integrated Device Technology Inc. (IDT) announced that the IDT CPS-1848 and CPS-1616 Gen 2 RapidIO switches have been selected by Prodrive, a leading provider of hardware platforms and manufacturing for embedded systems markets, for its next generation AdvancedTCA (ATCA) carrier and switch cards. Prodrive selected IDT’s RapidIO switch over 10 GbE for key benefits in throughput, latency, jitter performance, quality of service and overall system power utilization.

Prodrive chose Serial RapidIO (S-RIO) for the fact that the S-RIO protocol is optimized for embedded systems while the Ethernet protocol is optimized for LAN and WAN networking applications. With a 256 byte maximum payload size and low overhead that results in 95% protocol efficiency, RapidIO can deliver more than twice the performance of 10 GbE solutions. Since 10 GbE options require large embedded memories to buffer and route jumbo packets, RapidIO solutions can also deliver this performance at lower power and lower cost.

The IDT S-RIO switch offers 20 Gbps of bandwidth per link, 100 ns cut through latency, 240 Gbps of non-blocking switch performance, and built-in reliable transmission. These performance, reliability, and power advantages are essential in servicing Prodrive’s customer base in industrial, military, imaging, and high performance computing markets.

“After extensive embedded technology analysis, we chose IDT’s RapidIO switches as the interconnect backbone for the multi-endpoint system in our peer-to-peer network. IDT’s solution provided more than double the bandwidth of Ethernet, low and deterministic latency, low power, and excellent software scalability – all of which are critical to our ATCA customer base,” said Pieter Janssen, CEO at Prodrive. “We have already delivered high quality ATCA Systems to the market with RapidIO 1.3 and moving to RapidIO Gen2 is a natural evolution for our customers. RapidIO allows them to deliver solutions to the end markets that surpass anything that is possible with 10 GbE.”

“We’re pleased that Prodrive has selected RapidIO Gen 2 and the IDT CPS-1848 and CPS-1616 switches for its ATCA carrier blades and switch cards,” said Fred Zust, VP of Communications Division at IDT. “Prodrive’s selection of IDT RapidIO products is an endorsement of our product performance, power and price. It’s another example of why RapidIO continues to proliferate beyond wireless base station programs into other performance driven markets where its protocol advantages in peer-to-peer networks are driving its continued growth.”

The IDT CPS-1848 is one of many RapidIO switch and bridge offerings from IDT’s industry-leading portfolio. IDT provides a wide selection of port and lane count devices that allow customers to tailor their switch selection to the application.

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