Wednesday, November 30, 2011

CVD offers three dimensional Graphene products

RONKONKOMA, USA: CVD Equipment Corp. (CVD), launched a new line of chemical vapor deposited three dimensional graphene products that will be marketed under the trade name CVD3DGraphene™ and is expected to enable new high performance products.

Karlheinz Strobl, VP of Business Development, states: "The CVD3DGraphene cellular material platform is based on a three dimensional graphene-foam like material having several two dimensional (a few atomic layers thick) graphene sheets that are mechanically and electrically fully interconnected in three dimensions. This novel, highly customizable material platform enables the preservation of many of the high performance material properties of the traditional one atom thick two dimensional graphene sheets.

"Such three dimensional graphene materials can be further functionalized by chemical vapor deposition, electro deposition and/or chemical grafting to develop even more advanced materials for high performance product developments. This new nano-material platform interconnects the two dimensional nano world with the three dimensional macroscopic world of products in a more manufacturable manner. The novel material platform is already being explored by innovators for a growing range of product applications. It is anticipated that as additional variations of the material are developed, more growth market opportunities will become available."

"CVD Materials Corp. is a wholly owned subsidiary of CVD Equipment Corporation that focuses on providing a range of nano-enabled materials and products," said Leonard Rosenbaum, president. "By leveraging our custom equipment design and manufacturing capabilities with the process development and manufacturing capabilities of our Application Laboratory, CVD Materials Corp. can optimally focus on shortening the time to market for novel 'nano-enhanced' material products.

"With the commercialization of CVD3DGraphene cellular materials using a range of Nickel foam templates and by tuning the thickness of the carbon film layers we can provide an expanded range of CVDGraphene research materials that enables our customers to develop new products, including: higher performance batteries; ultracapacitors; and gas, liquid and bio sensors.”

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