Wednesday, November 30, 2011

IXYS’ Westcode launches new generation 4.5kV 3kA GTO thyristor

BIEL, SWITZERLAND: IXYS Corp. announced that Westcode, its UK subsidiary, introduced a new 4.5kV 3kA gate turn-off thyristor (GTO) thyristors. The new device, which offers a more robust design, is fully compatible with earlier designs of the same nominal rating.

Frank Wakeman, Westcode’s Marketing & Technical Support Manager, saod: “The advantage of our new gate design enabled us to use a simpler and therefore more robust and cost effective fully hermetic industry standard outline with 75mm (2.95 inch) Anode/cathode electrodes. This is a configuration that offers one of the highest power densities in GTOs in the market today. The device is supplied as standard with a heavy duty coaxial gate lead; however, customised options to meet specific applications can also be accommodated. The new GTO thyristor has designation G3000TF450 and has a maximum turn-off current of 3000A with a 6 microfarad snubber capacitor and maximum circuit loop inductance of 300nH. The device is suitable for applications which require a nominal DC link voltage up to 2.8kV.”

“We have been extending the power range of our Bipolar product lines beyond what has been capable with our IGBTs for gate turn-off applications. With the recent extensions of our GTO’s range, we complement our high power MOSFETs and IGBTs, to offer our customers the complete solution for power switching with high efficiency and lower cost,” commented Dr. Nathan Zommer, CEO and founder of IXYS.

“In many high power applications, GTOs have been the ideal power semiconductor due to their ruggedness and better surge current and voltage blocking capabilities than MOSFETs and IGBTs.”

Further products are planned: 68mm (2.68 inch) silicon device with turn-off current rating of 2kA and a 91mm (5.58 inch) silicon device with a turn-off current rating of 4kA. Launch dates are expected to be announced in early 2012.

Typical applications for this device include: main drives, auxiliaries and choppers for traction, as well as AC drives for motor control. The device is suitable for all snubber circuit topologies, as well as conventional RCD.

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