Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Analogix SlimPort Accessories Program welcomes Luxshare-ICT

2012 International CES, SANTA CLARA, USA: Analogix Semiconductor announced that Luxshare-ICT has joined the SlimPort Accessories Adopters Program (SAAP). Developed by Analogix and based on core DisplayPort technologies, the SlimPort product line enables the delivery of uncompressed audio and video from a mobile device to HD and legacy displays.

The SlimPort family of transmitters and receivers is compatible with the Mobility DisplayPort (MYDP) digital interface, which allows the standard Micro USB port to be used for both DisplayPort and USB connectivity.

The SlimPort Accessories Adopters Program (SAAP) enables rapid development of cables, docking stations and adapters that allow users to share smartphones, tablet PCs and notebook computers content on large screen displays. Members in the SAAP pay no royalties, licensing, or annual fees.

“Analogix SlimPort helps expand the market for mobile devices by providing connectivity to nearly all big screens, projectors or displays,” said Josue Castillo, director of Engineering, for Luxshare-ICT, based in Milpitas, CA. “An additional benefit of SlimPort is minimal or zero battery consumption by SlimPort accessories, due to Analogix CoolHD technology. As a global leading manufacturer, joining SAAP allows us to develop, test, and bring high-quality accessories to market more rapidly.”

Companies with SAAP membership have access to documentation and components, as well as technical support from the ADTC-EasyHD Test Lab in Beijing, China and free product certification. Each accessory must meet standards for product quality and compliance. Once a product receives certification, its manufacturer receives the benefit of being listed on the Analogix website and submission to top-level mobile handset makers for evaluation and mass production.

"The SAAP welcomes Luxshare-ICT as a manufacturer that can, in the near-term, introduce SlimPort-based products that will benefit consumers,” said Andre Bouwer, Vice President of Marketing for Analogix. “Luxshare-ICT will provide attractive options for the millions of people who carry their libraries of HD content on a mobile device and have a strong desire to watch them on a large screen."

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