Wednesday, January 2, 2013

DSP Group's VoIP platform powers Cetis next gen IP phones

USA: DSP Group announced that its VoIP chipset solution has been selected to power the next generation of advanced IP telephones offered by Cetis Group, the world's leading manufacturer of hotel guestroom telephones under three world-class telephone brands: TeleMatrix, Teledex and Scitec.

Ideally suited for developing multiple innovative VoIP end points, DSP Group's highly-integrated XciteR VoIP chipset is powered by an ARM926 application processor running Linux OS, together with a
powerful DSP processor.

XciteR provides the market's best price performance, as well as a myriad of embedded software features, including HD voice, multi-line, multi-party conferencing and mobility support through DECT/CAT-iq handsets and headsets.

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