Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Toshiba launches bus switch ICs supporting PCI Express 3.0 (8Gbps)

JAPAN: Toshiba Corp. will launch two-lane SPDT switches that support PCI Express 3.0 (8Gbps).

The new products, TC7PCI3412MT and TC7PCI3415MT, reduce switch terminal capacitance to achieve high bandwidth characteristics of 10GHz at -3dB, making high-speed transmission with lower signal degradation capable.

The new SPDT switches have optimal configurations for all arrangements of PCI Express slots, connectors, and switches on the motherboards of desktop PCs and notebook PCs. They can also be used for high-speed differential lines, such as USB3.0, DisplayPort1.2, and SATA3.0.

Samples are available now with mass production scheduled for the end of January.

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