Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Dual-supply, high-precision opamp for front-end amplifier apps

USA: Analog Devices Inc. (ADI) introduced a high precision amplifier offering the industry’s best combination of offset voltage, voltage thermal drift, bandwidth, slew rate and voltage noise for front-end amplifier circuits.

The ADA4077-2 operational amplifier is specifically suited for applications in process control, chemical and environmental monitoring, motor control and electronic test and instrumentation due to its high DC precision with noise, speed and supply current applicable for the designs.

The ADA4077-2 has a typical bandwidth of 3.9 MHz and 7-nV/ÖHz voltage noise at 1 kHz while consuming only 400 µA typical at 25°C with ±15-Vdc nominal power supplies. Available in two grades for offset and thermal drift, the device provides design engineers with the flexibility to meet budget and packaging requirements.

Compared to its closest competition, the ADA4077-2 offers higher speed with lower noise, offset and drift while consuming less power, making the ADA4077-2 an ideal, cost-effective op amp for use in front end sensor interfaces in applications such as process control input modules, where high accuracy, precision, and linearity are critical to accurate measurement of sensor output.

ADA4077-2 Precision Operational Amplifier Key Features:
• Low offset voltage: 25µV maximum (B-Grade).
• Low offset voltage drift: 0.25 µV/°C maximum (B-Grade).
• Low input bias current: <1 .0=".0" maximum.="maximum." na="na" p="p">• Input voltage range: V- +1.2 V to V+ -2 V.
• Low noise: 7 nV/√Hz typical.
• Low supply current: 400 µA per amplifier typical.
• Specified for dual voltage supply operation from ±5 V to ±15 V.

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