Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Analog Devices selects Sofics to develop on-chip ESD protection for 60V products

BELGIUM: Sofics bvba of Gistel has been selected by Analog Devices (ADI) to develop a library of on-chip electrostatic discharge and electrical overstress (ESD/EOS) clamps based on its PowerQubic technology for ADI devices with 60V interfaces. The clamps will enhance the reliability of the devices by protecting them from ESD, EOS, and latchup, while enabling maximum performance.

Sofics, a leading provider of ESD solutions for ICs, will adapt PowerQubic ESD/EOS technology to ADI’s custom requirements. PowerQubic provides robust on-chip protection for high-voltage interfaces in such applications as power control and mixed signals without the need for costly process changes. ADI, the world leader in data conversion and signal conditioning technology, has licensed the resulting technology.

“As a leader in analog and mixed-signal ICs and SoCs, we are committed to providing customers with the highest levels of reliability and performance,” said David Robertson, VP of analog technology for ADI. “We need strong, sophisticated ESD protection for 60V devices without compromising the mixed signal performance of the products and we look forward to working with Sofics to that end.”

“Sofics technology offers a proven solution which is to be adapted to the needs of ADI applications.”

According to Koen Verhaege, Sofics CEO, PowerQubic includes proprietary clamps that dissipate more energy per area than any other device, allowing it to deliver the highest level of ESD/EOS protection available for high-voltage ICs, including IEC 8kV contact discharge. Extremely low leakage and the lowest capacitance in the industry help enable maximum device performance.

“PowerQubic is a breakthrough in cost as well as performance,” said Verhaege. “It’s a proven design solution technology, so it can be implemented with no process changes. Licensees can actually lower their overall cost by opting for our advanced technology because of this factor alone.”

“We are very pleased that Analog Devices has chosen to license and utilize our technology.”

PowerQubic (PQ) and TakeCharge (TC) ESD/EOS technologies from Sofics are proven across multiple applications, processes, and foundries. TSMC-9000 quality approval for both PQ and TC has been granted or is pending in several processes. Both technologies have proven to be readily portable among various foundries and processes.

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