Thursday, December 6, 2012

Autotalks deploys Sonics technology advancing automotive industry with vehicle-to-vehicle communication

USA: Sonics, Inc., the leading supplier of system IP for cloud-scale SoCs, today announced that Autotalks has chosen its Sonics Network for AMBA Protocol (SNAP) to power the design of integrated vehicle safety communications processors enabling the world’s first very-large-scale integration (VLSI) for vehicle-to-vehicle communication, dubbed CRATON.

Based in Israel, Autotalks is developing breakthrough solutions for vehicle-to-vehicle communication, including CRATON communication processor and PLUTON advanced RFIC transceiver. Together, CRATON and PLUTON will deliver a comprehensive, automotive-grade VLSI solution powering OEMs’ deployment of vehicle communication beginning with 2015 model year. Autotalks chose Sonics to deliver the needed processing performance required for supporting a complete integrated SW solution, including security, networking, safety applications and vehicle integration handling.

“Sonics’ SNAP empowers Autotalks designers to aggressively drive innovation in the automotive technology market, while still upholding our commitment to high-quality vehicle-to-vehicle communication,” said Onn Haran, CTO, Autotalks. “The intuitive user interface greatly increased productivity, enabling us to bring CRATON to market on schedule, as the first VLSI for vehicle-to-vehicle communication. Thanks to SNAP’s improved AMBA performance and low latency architecture, we were able to achieve CRATON’s superior performance for the demanding vehicle to vehicle software solution requirements.”

As the number of IP cores continues to increase in embedded SoCs, current multilayer bus structures must evolve beyond the complex and arduous design approach. Fully compliant with the AMBA specification, SNAP allows Autotalks to simplify processes, through a reusable platform with universal connectivity on the interconnect matrix, allowing designers to mix new and legacy IP cores. The end result for Autotalks is a better solution to market, delivered at a faster rate.

“Sonics is thrilled that Autotalks has chosen SNAP to power their vehicle-to-vehicle communication products,” said Mark McMillan, vice president of sales, Sonics. “We strive to provide our customers with essential system IP that drives innovation across multiple industries. We are excited to be included in Autotalks’ CRATON product which will enhance the wider automotive experience for consumers for years to come.”

On October 16, Sonics announced that its licensee shipments surpassed two billion units worldwide, fueled by the growing demand for high-bandwidth content on cloud-connected devices. Following this achievement, the company also announced its next-generation SonicsGN on-chip network with performance improvements and advanced new features that will help designers build new SoCs that power a new generation of cloud-connected devices, accelerating Sonics’ time to shipping another two billion units worldwide.

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