Thursday, December 13, 2012

Power-One announces next gen LPM616 product line

USA: Power-One Inc., a leading provider of renewable energy and energy-efficient power conversion and power management solutions, released the next generation LPM616 family of products.

The LPM616 Series is a modular 1600 Watt AC-DC power supply that provides a market-leading power density of 18 Watts per cubic inch and has an extra low 1U profile. The LPM616 offers the flexibility of a modular architecture and the combination of high efficiency and high power density, in a rugged and reliable package.

This new product line builds upon the exiting LPM615 family with the following modifications:
* AC input via Terminal Block
* New support for AC input up to 440Hz
* New support for DC Input voltage range (120VDC to 380VDC)
* Radiated and Conducted Emissions - Class B
* Increased power from 1,500 Watts to 1,600 Watts
* Full load operation from -20 to 50 C
* Quick turn prototypes

These products are designed for use in Industrial, Test Equipment, Datacom and COTS military applications where quick prototyping and a unique set of voltage and current requirements are needed. The supply's six slots can be configured with PCB-based output modules to deliver up to six outputs. The LPM output modules operate in any chassis position and can provide up to 1600 watts total power from a 150 VAC input and 1300 Watts from a 100 VAC input. Forced-air cooling with airflow direction from front to back is provided by internal fans.

For LPM616 supplies using less than the six-slot capability, blanking plates are installed for safety purposes and to optimize airflow within the chassis. The supplies are pre-set with default output module settings or with the customer's desired output settings prior to delivery.Power-One announces next gen LPM616 product line.

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