Tuesday, February 5, 2013

GLOBALFOUNDRIES and Synopsys to provide comprehensive design environment for foundry’s 14 nm-XM FinFET offering

USA: GLOBALFOUNDRIES and Synopsys Inc. announced that the two companies have partnered to deliver a comprehensive design solution to accelerate the implementation of GLOBALFOUNDRIES’ 14 nm-XM FinFET offering.

The solution includes Synopsys’ DesignWare Embedded Memory and Logic Library IP; design tools from the Galaxy Implementation Platform; and TCAD process and device simulation tools, all optimized to enable design teams to achieve desired performance, power and area requirements in the most efficient, low-risk manner.

The collaborative development is built on the industry’s first modular FinFET technology, which combines a 14 nanometer (nm) FinFET device with elements of GLOBALFOUNDRIES’ 20 nm-LPM process to reduce risk and accelerate time to volume.

“We have a long-standing relationship with Synopsys that has resulted in a wide range of proven design implementation solutions for our mutual customers. The compelling benefits available through our new 14 nanometer-XM FinFET technology, particularly in addressing the requirements of mobile device SoCs, will be much more accessible and efficient to realize thanks to this latest collaboration,” said Mike Noonen, executive VP of marketing, sales, design and quality at GLOBALFOUNDRIES. “The combination of our advanced process and Synopsys’ IP, design and manufacturing tools design environment will give customers the performance and power benefits of three-dimensional FinFET transistors with less risk and a faster time-to-market.”

FinFET transistors are a significant change from planar devices. GLOBALFOUNDRIES collaborated with Synopsys on TCAD to model and simulate the changes and to speed up the process development and performance optimization of its FinFET devices. In addition, these devices and the associated shrinking of process geometry at 14nm impact parasitic extraction, SPICE modeling of the devices, routing rules, and IP development.

GLOBALFOUNDRIES and Synopsys collaborated closely to minimize the impact of these changes and ensure smooth adoption of FinFET technology by design teams. Synopsys’ extensive portfolio of DesignWare® Embedded Memory and Logic Library IP is architected to achieve the full benefits of GLOBALFOUNDRIES’ 14 nm-XM FinFET technology. The IP delivers superior results in the areas of performance, leakage and dynamic power, and low voltage operation.

“Synopsys has a history of strong collaboration with GLOBALFOUNDRIES to bring advanced process technologies to the market,” said John Chilton, senior VP, marketing and strategic development, at Synopsys. “Our collaboration on FinFET is built on this foundation. It focuses on enabling design teams to take full advantage of GLOBALFOUNDRIES’ investment in 14 nanometer process technology and the significant benefits it brings to next-generation semiconductor designs.”

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