Monday, February 25, 2013

Arasan Chip Systems re-affirms commitment to MIPI Alliance

USA: Arasan Chip Systems Inc. announced its presence in the MIPI Alliance booth at the 2013 Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

As a contributing member of the MIPI Alliance, Arasan has had a 7+ year history of crafting Total IP Solutions that enable semiconductor design teams to realize the intent of several MIPI specifications in silicon products targeted for mobile platforms. Arasan's presence in the MIPI booth is an affirmation of the company's long term commitment to the MIPI standards based business.

Arasan's Total IP Solutions for MIPI specified mobile connectivity standards address the needs of silicon, software, system integration, and validation teams. These solutions are based on synthesizable RTL for link layer protocol controllers for mobile audio, camera, display, RF front end, storage, and inter-chip connectivity.

Where applicable, these solutions include GDSII for MIPI defined PHY's. To enable functional verification of these IP's, Arasan includes Verification IP. Where relevant, Arasan offers portable software stacks with API to enable function driver development. To enable system level validation, interoperability testing, and software development, the company offers hardware validation platforms. What originates as a paper specification is delivered as a ready to use, adoptable solution.

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