Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Violin Memory selects eASIC for flash memory arrays

USA: eASIC Corp. announced that Violin Memory, provider of one of the world’s fastest and most scalable FLASH memory arrays, has selected eASIC’s Nextreme-2T NEW ASICs for implementing FLASH controllers for its latest 6000 series enterprise-grade FLASH memory arrays.

Violin cites vastly superior power consumption and cost as the key reasons for replacing high-density FPGAs with eASIC Nextreme-2T devices within its FLASH storage arrays. In addition, the fast design and turnaround time of Nextreme-2T NEW ASICs enables Violin to ramp to high volume quickly and establish a strong market lead in the fiercely competitive market for FLASH memory-based enterprise storage appliances.

“We looked at a number of ASIC platform choices for implementing our custom FLASH controllers,” commented Kevin Rowett, VP of engineering for Violin Memory. “We opted to collaborate with eASIC for reducing cost and power consumption because their Nextreme-2T NEW ASICs enabled us to quickly migrate from FPGAs, and inexpensively ramp our solutions to high volume production.”

“There is tremendous innovation going on in the enterprise storage market and we are thrilled to be working with Violin, one of the fastest growing leaders in this space,” said Ronnie Vasishta, president and CEO, eASIC.

“OEMs need to continuously innovate and quickly ramp to volume production. We are starting to see a tipping point where FPGAs cannot be used in mission critical, power sensitive, volume applications and the ASIC alternatives do not meet the requirements. Traditional cell-based ASICs just take too long to design and ASSPs have limited flexibility for the NAND FLASH interface.”

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