Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Elektrobit and Renesas Electronics provide platform for next-gen high-end infotainment systems

USA: The runtime solution of Elektrobit (EB)’s development platform for human machine interfaces (HMIs), EB GUIDE Graphic Target Framework (GTF), has been ported to the Renesas Electronics Corp. (Renesas) R-Car H1.

The collaboration enables car manufacturers to use the high-end Renesas chip in combination with the EB GUIDE GTF to utilize the advanced graphical capabilities of the SoC. The carmakers will benefit by a huge acceleration in development processes and will also be able to create cost effective prototypes of future HMI platforms.

Masayasu Yoshida, senior manager of automotive information systems solution department, Renesas Electronics said: “This powerful combination of one of the industry’s most comprehensive solutions for the development of multimedia infotainment systems and a leading SoC platform that offers one of the best graphical performances in the embedded market will be a decisive driver for future development.”

Benefits for carmakers and suppliers
The R-Car H1 SoC by Renesas, the leading supplier of semiconductors in the automotive sector, is particularly dedicated to high performance multimedia radio navigation head units. The integrated GPU (Graphic processing unit) is suitable for demanding 3-D graphics applications; it offers one of the best graphical performances in the embedded market.

Now, carmakers are able to use the high-end Renesas SoC with the EB GUIDE GTF for the early prototyping stage of instrument clusters, infotainment systems and navigation systems.

Thanks to the cooperation with EB, carmakers can estimate the R-Car H1's performance in the early development stages. Moreover they can save costs and time to build a prototyping environment due to the off-the-shelf GTF porting.

This means, they have immediate access to state-of-the-art technology for HMI development and can try out and evaluate their solutions through the specification process to the implementation process. Existing and future EB GUIDE users are free to concentrate entirely on their key area of expertise, the development of their own HMIs.

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