Thursday, February 14, 2013

Renesas Mobile’s SP2532 Cat-4 LTE quad-mode modem offers 2mA/Mbit downlink for longer battery life

JAPAN: Renesas Mobile Corp.  has announced the SP2532, the third generation of its GSM/HSPA+/LTE FDD/ LTE TDD multi-mode modems. Supporting full LTE Category 4 (Cat-4) capabilities 150Mbits download and 50Mbits upload combined with the industry’s lowest LTE power consumption results in greater speed with enhanced battery life.

Coupled with a very small footprint 45 percent smaller than the previous generation SP2531, very low power consumption and high levels of integration it offers OEMs a fast track to device deployment reducing R&D effort and risks.

“This next generation slim modem platforms, the SP2532 will allow OEMs to design compelling mobile devices which take advantage of lightening quick throughput and low latency for interactive games, rapid web browsing and video streaming and data-rich enterprise application,” commented Heikki Tenhunen, senior VP, Renesas Mobile.

“In addition to enabling exciting new use cases at the lowest power possible, the small chipset footprint also offers the possibility to create new form factors and supports all key operator requirements for 2013 and 20141 including VoLTE, SRVCC and OTDOA.”

The SP2532 delivers high speed broadband on the go, and is able to deliver sustained Cat-4 throughputs of 150Mbits download and 50Mbits upload for both smartphones and data centric devices such as mobile tablets or dongles.

Using Cat-4 in a 20MHz bandwidth the SP2532 can achieve 20 percent more efficient power consumption than leading competitive products, requiring a meager 2mA per Mbit. This impressive performance enhances battery life for example when downloading large files such as videos, music and browsing complex webpages enabling users to stay connected for longer on a battery charge.

Designed with flexibility and choice in mind for the customer, the SP2532 is compatible, and has been pre-integrated, with all the currently available open market application processors. This enables customers to leverage their existing software and hardware assets while upgrading to LTE or to select the most appropriate processor to meet the requirements of new devices.

The product also inherits the maturity of previous generations’ extensive certification and testing on worldwide networks. OEM customers not only enjoy the peace of mind associated with a proven thoroughbred modem, but also reduce product development and device certification schedules.

The SP2532 comprises a highly integrated baseband modem, an RF subsystem containing the RF integrated chip, front end module, a power amplifier and a power management sub-system. It is available to OEMs today for design-in.

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