Tuesday, June 4, 2013

EU goal: Reach 20 percent world-share in chip manufacturing by 2020

Heinz Kundert, president, SEMI Europe

EUROPE: European Commission vice president Neelie Kroes is determined to radically improve Europe’s semiconductor manufacturing landscape: 10 billion Euros is on the table and industry has promised to invest another 100 billion Euros.

“Like the Airbus experience, it is possible to achieve even the unthinkable. Europe has the strengths and critical industries to regain a market-share of 20 percent in chip manufacturing by 2020. This will create around 250’000 new jobs. However, it will be of paramount importance to work and invest together, cross-border and along the entire food-chain,” said Commissioner Kroes.

The new European industrial strategy for micro- and nano-electronics, published on 23 May 2013, sets the framework for targeted investment across the electronics value and innovation chain. An Industrial Strategy Roadmap for Investment, to be developed by end 2013, will cover three complementary lines:

* Transition to 450mm, expected to primarily benefit equipment and material manufacturers in Europe.
* "More than Moore” on 200mm and 300 mm.
* “More Moore” for ultimate miniaturization on 300mm wafers;

Investment will be concentrated, focusing on Europe’s clusters of excellence in manufacturing and design (Grenoble, Dresden and Eindhoven-Leuven), but will also support partnerships and alliances across the value chain in Europe.

This strategy is the culmination of years of industry advocacy for a clear European commitment to manufacturing. SEMI first called for measures to support investment in manufacturing in its 2008 White Paper. We have since contributed to the work of two High Level Groups on Key Enabling Technologies and will join the KETs Implementation Observatory to be launched by the end of this year.

SEMI advocacy in favor of adapting European competition and state aid rules, simplifying EU funding programs and considering the global impact of Environmental Health and Safety rules also contribute to creating a positive policy environment for investment. In 2012 SEMI facilitated a dialogue among key European industry players that led to the single European semiconductor strategy, a common vision of how to reinforce Europe’s global competitiveness.

 Implementing the strategy starts now and SEMI will assist, looking at latest technology developments and helping SEMI members create partnerships, link up with RTOs and benefit from the European investment strategy.

SEMICON Europa, taking place on 8-10 October in Dresden, will be the industry’s next major opportunity for to discuss latest technologies, with shows and conferences covering hot topics such as 450mm wafer transition, latest lithography developments (EUV), new emerging materials, MEMS manufacturing and test, 3D TSV challenges, factory automation and an Executive Summit dedicated to the strategy’s implementation.

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