Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Plasma-Therm holds successful workshop at Korea’s Advanced Nano Fab Center

USA: Plasma-Therm’s advanced plasma processing workshop, held at KANC (Korea Advanced Nano Fab Center), attracted nearly 100 engineers and researchers from 25 companies and institutes.

Topics spanned the fundamental and advanced technology used in semiconductor device fabrication, materials research, and nanotechnology. Workshop attendees from disciplines as diverse as MEMS, LEDs, power, photonics, and nanotechnology participated in the full day event.
Plasma-Therm, a leading semiconductor plasma processing equipment supplier, has held more than a dozen one and two day workshops at prominent institutions in Singapore, United States, Sweden, China, and Israel during the last year.

H. K. Sung, KANC Facility and Process director, said: “KANC was pleased to host this event. It provides important background and foundation for students and facility users involved in processing.

"Considering the different levels of experience of attendees, it is unusual to have this type of content presented in such an organized structure and in a way that is instructional for all those that attended. This type of program is very consistent with our mission of delivering key support to Korea’s nanotechnology and compound semiconductor development.”

Dr. David Lishan, principal scientist and workshop organizer, commented: “These workshops fill an education gap. The practical aspects of semiconductor fabrication and in particular plasma processing are often omitted in curriculum in favor of device design and physics. Facility users at universities and institutes frequently rely on engineering staff to develop standard processes and as a result, researchers, without the hands-on understanding of the plasma processing fundamentals, are constrained in their research efforts. Researchers are enthusiastic about gaining insight into the world of plasma processes.

"We are very pleased to support KANC, a long term customer and important, pivotal member of Korea’s research network. KANC’s efforts along with the local outstanding support of our S. Korea representative, Semi-ence made the event successful.”

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