Thursday, June 6, 2013

Entropic acquires Mobius Semiconductor

USA: Entropic  has acquired Mobius Semiconductor Inc., a leading product development company focused on low power, high performance analog mixed-signal semiconductor solutions.

Mobius products include high speed ADCs, DACs, ADPLLs, SERDES and proprietary Intellectual Property to achieve leading performance. Under the terms of the transaction, Entropic purchased Mobius for approximately $13 million in cash plus employee equity-based incentives.

The acquisition of Mobius enables Entropic to add advanced analog mixed-signal expertise and strengthen its competitive product offerings in both the cable and satellite markets. Founded in 2004, Mobius offers
technology, which blends signal processing with analog circuit design to dramatically reduce power dissipation while attaining leading-edge performance.

The addition of the Mobius technology will enable Entropic to provide cable and satellite operators with solutions that encompass system designs that are low power, broadband, high-speed, and which capture the full bandwidth of the signal payload -- to drive more entertainment streams and IP services to more connected devices in the home. This technology can also be leveraged by global satellite service providers to migrate to digital single-wire communications.

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