Thursday, June 13, 2013

Arasan intros USB 3.0 SSIC bridge IP

USA: Arasan Chip Systems Inc. released its SSIC Adapter IP, supporting the USB 3.0 specification for USB Superspeed Inter-Chip (SSIC).

The SSIC IP provides low power, high speed chip to chip interconnect which leverages existing investments in USB software and system investments.  High performance and reduced power are achieved by using the MIPI M-PHY  as the physical layer interface. Leveraging the MIPI M-PHY power management, the SSIC interface lowers the active power and idle power. The SSIC adapter layer IP is optimized for power, area, and EMI robustness for embedded inter-chip interfaces.

Arasan's Superspeed Inter-Chip controller is a PHY adapter layer that provides a bridge between a USB 3.0 Host, Device or OTG controllers' PIPE interface and the MIPI M-PHY RMM I interface. The Arasan USB 3.0 SSIC controller interfaces directly to Arasan's MIPI M-PHY IP to implement the SSIC adaptation to the USB 3.0 PIPE interface.

The Arasan USB 3.0 SSIC controller is compliant with the "Super Speed Inter-Chip" supplement to the USB revision 3.0 specification, version 1.0 and the MIPI M-PHY specification revision 3.0-r.03 and provides an effective data rate of up to 5.0 Gbps per lane over 1 to 4 lanes of M-PHY. The Arasan USB 3.0 SSIC controller interfaces to the USB 3.0 Device or Host controller with PIPE3 interface at 8/16/32-bit data width.

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