Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Freescale expands focus and product portfolio for RF land mobile market

IMS2013, USA: Freescale Semiconductor introduced the latest additions to its flagship family of Airfast RF power solutions: three LDMOS power transistors and one gallium nitride (GaN) transistor, all designed to exceed stringent land mobile market requirements for exceptional ruggedness.

The new Airfast LDMOS power transistors deliver a compelling combination of stability, gain and ruggedness. The new Airfast GaN device targets multiband applications, where it eliminates the need for large and complex, or even multiple radios. Together, the solutions offer an advanced array of design choices for land mobile applications.

Freescale’s new AFT09MS007N, AFT09MP055N and AFT09MS015N LDMOS power amplifiers are engineered to perform flawlessly in extreme operating conditions, delivering exceptional performance, stability and gain for land mobile radio applications. These devices are ideal for mobile VHF, UHF and 700-900 MHz transceivers used in public safety, professional mobile radio and other harsh machine-to-machine communications environments.

The three new Airfast RF LDMOS power products are designed to survive >65:1 VSWR, even with simultaneous over voltage and overdrive stressing the amplifier and its RF power transistors. They integrate much of the circuitry required to maintain stability, thereby simplifying design and supporting stability under a wide range of operation conditions.
Accompanied by a comprehensive range of reference designs and requiring only a few inductors and capacitors to complete the design, Freescale’s newest LDMOS Airfast RF power products for the land mobile market deliver better efficiency and linearity, in a similar footprint, than module-based solutions. Additionally, Airfast RF power devices typically have 65 percent or more efficiency, significantly more than modules and competitive discrete devices.

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