Tuesday, June 4, 2013

DisplayLink launches USB monitor chip family

COMPUTEX TAIPEI 2013, USA: DisplayLink announced the official launch of the DL-4000 family of USB monitor chips and customer products at Computex from industry leaders such as AOC, Asus, and Taeseok. The new DL-4000 family of USB chips enables a new category of ‘green’ monitors capable of providing both power and data over a single USB cable.

For mobile workers and road warriors, USB bus-powered portable monitors are the ultimate travel companion, enabling extra display connectivity at the desk, office, hotel, or café. Meetings can be conducted almost anywhere without need for cumbersome monitor AC adapters, projectors or regional power solutions. Portable USB monitors fit easily in a notebook bag and provide productivity, flexibility, and convenience anywhere.

For enterprise customers, USB bus power monitors offer significant power saving benefits while minimizing administrator overheads. Conventional workplace PC set-ups with a dual-head graphics card and dual displays can consume 5x the power to a comparable setup using DisplayLink’s DL-4000 family USB monitors. Additionally, USB displays standby power can drop to zero Watts. When deployed across medium to large enterprises, the power saving benefit is considerable. A live demonstration of this will be shown at Computex 2013.

USB is at the forefront of the industry. Soon, USB PD “Power Delivery’ will enable monitors and docking stations to provide power up to 100W to charge tablets and notebooks over a single USB cable, eliminating the need for power adapters as we know them today.

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