Monday, June 3, 2013

Altera licenses Arteris FlexNoC interconnect fabric IP for ARM-based processor systems

USA: Arteris, Inc., the inventor and leading supplier of network-on-chip (NoC) interconnect IP solutions, announced that Altera has licensed Arteris FlexNoC interconnect IP as the system interconnect for its future SoC products.

Altera SoCs combine the performance and power savings of hard intellectual property (IP) with the flexibility of programmable logic. A high-bandwidth interconnect provides an industry-standard interface between the ARM-based hard processor system (HPS), and it is also a critical component of the HPS, which comprises a processor, peripherals, and memory.

Altera licensed Arteris' FlexNoC on-chip interconnect IP for two primary reasons. First, the FlexNoC fabric's NoC technology enabled improved on-chip latency compared to what was achievable using other solutions. Second, the use of Arteris FlexNoC increased the Altera design team's productivity, allowing the team to quickly configure and assess multiple SoC architectures and significantly cutting the turnaround time between architecture creation and RTL implementation.

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