Monday, June 3, 2013

Sigma Designs awarded HomeGrid Forum's certification

USA: Sigma Designs, a leading provider of System-on-Chip (SoC) solutions for home entertainment, control, connectivity and converging multimedia delivery was awarded the HomeGrid Forum's full compliance certification for their ITU-T chipset.

Consumers today face a mix of non-interoperable home networking technologies across the various wired media in the home. offers a single open international standard for establishing high bandwidth communications across all existing wires. With Sigma Designs' CG5200 chipset, every power outlet, coaxial outlet and phone jack in the home becomes a network connectivity point on the same network, providing consumers with convenience and flexibility.

This enables VoIP, HD IPTV, gaming and multi-room DVR traffic to be delivered seamlessly over any wired medium in the home. With HomeGrid Forum's certification of Sigma Designs' CG5200 chipset, customers can develop systems with high performance, flexibility and reliability for streaming multimedia content across multiple platforms in next-generation networked homes, taking this technology into global markets.

Device manufacturing customers such as Comtrend, ZTE, T&W and ZyXEL have already announced they have selected Sigma Designs' CG5200 series chipsets for their powerline adapters. These adapters utilize the highest performance over powerline offered by the technology and full self-install for home networks for streaming high-definition videos, music and other rich digital multimedia content.

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