Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Rudolph delivers run-to-run process control to Bosch Automotive

FLANDERS, USA: Rudolph Technologies Inc. has delivered and installed its ProcessWORKS® advanced process control (APC) software to Robert Bosch GmbH for its semiconductor facility in Reutlingen, Germany.

ProcessWORKS software provides run-to-run control by adjusting recipe parameters based on the results of previous runs. Its ability to reduce variability, narrow process windows and improve process capability (CpK) contributes to meet the demanding targets of cost and quality for device manufacturers.

“We have a longstanding relationship with Bosch, where we have supplied a large number of inspection and metrology systems over the years,” said Mike Plisinski, Rudolph’s VP and GM of the company’s Data Analysis & Review Business Unit. “We are very familiar with the exacting demands for quality in the automotive industry that Bosch serves. The advanced process control capability of ProcessWORKS software is one more way we can help them meet those demands.”

“We saw an immediate decrease in variability when we implemented the evaluation of ProcessWORKS software in our lithography process,” said Thorsten Widmer, VP, Bosch semiconductor plant. “We plan to roll it out to at least two more process modules this year. One of the important considerations in our selection was the fact that across the fab it can be easily deployed to additional processes compared with the competitors."

ProcessWORKS software is a leading solution for APC. Manufacturers use this self-contained application to improve the capability of their processes. It enables run-to-run supervisory process control that advances beyond traditional statistical process control and process monitoring, allowing users to achieve process goals in terms of desired results, such as thickness, rather than machine settings, such as time of deposition.

Using control strategies configured by the engineer, ProcessWORKS software calculates settings, performs analysis of the feedback data and adjusts the process model to keep the process on target. This framework-based APC solution can be conveniently fanned out across any factory, providing significant and immediate returns on investment.

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