Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Triad Semiconductor deploys Numetrics analytics software

CUPERTINO, USA: Numetrics, the leading provider of analytics tools for semiconductor R&D organizations, announced that Triad Semiconductor, a fabless semiconductor company specializing in mixed-signal IC products, has deployed Numetrics’ fact-based, project planning software.

The Numetrics solution generates reliable, analytics-driven estimates of IC design complexity, project duration, key schedule milestone dates and engineering staffing requirements for new projects. Triad is integrating Numetrics into its R&D processes to ensure world-class development productivity and schedule predictability.

“Triad's mission is to make low-cost mixed signal IC design available to system-level designers. Our customers target their designs to Triad’s ever-expanding line of Via Configurable Arrays (VCAs),” said William Pratt, VP of Engineering. “Numetrics’ IC design productivity and resource planning tools allow us to get the maximum number of VCAs to market in the compressed time frames that our customers have come to expect from Triad.”

Using models calibrated with vast amounts of industry data plus Triad’s own project data, Numetrics’ fact-based project estimation tools enable engineering managers to generate the most reliable project plans possible. With Numetrics’ software, a project plan can be optimally balanced to reconcile its competing constraints, including resource availability, product functionality, time-to-market and development cost, to enable maximum engineering efficiency. Numetrics tools have been applied to over 2,000 production semiconductor IC projects from over 50 semiconductor and electronics companies.

“We’re delighted Triad has selected our solution to ensure optimal deployment of its R&D resources, a cornerstone for maximizing productivity and on-time schedule performance,” said Ron Collett, Numetrics’ president and CEO. “I’m fully confident that Triad will gain a competitive advantage from our fact-based planning and benchmarking tools.”

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