Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Active-Semi announces three high performance quasi-resonant (QR) mode PWM ICs for “Green Power” AC/DC adapter apps

SAN JOSE, USA: Active-Semi announced the release of the new ActiveQR family of high performance QR mode secondary side regulator (SSR) ICs. These devices integrate benchmark protection features, offer fast load dynamic response, achieve accurate overload protection (OLP) and improve efficiency and EMI performance.

The ACT510, ACT511 and ACT512 belong to the patented ActiveQR Family of Universal-input AC/DC off-line controllers for general purpose adapter applications. The ACT510 and ACT511 are designed for Flyback topology working in discontinuous conduction mode (DCM) with full load switching frequency of 120kHz and 65kHz respectively. The ACT512 may be designed to work in either continuous conduction mode (CCM) or DCM at full load. This improves the efficiency in higher power applications, up to 60Watts, at a lower cost point.

"We have been very pleased with the ACT512's performance, especially in efficiency margin and protection coverage,” said A. Cao, manager of Technical Dept. of DareGlobal. “I was impressed that such extensive protection and QR mode control could be integrated into a tiny SOT23-6 package. The circuit design is easy and neat. Normally, such a performance controller requires SOP-8 package with more complex and expensive circuit design."

“At Active-Semi, we focus on developing innovative charger solutions as well as general purpose adaptor solutions,” said Peter Huang, director, AC/DC Marketing and Applications at Active-Semi. “With our unique architecture, the feedback system can monitor an extensive range of abnormal fault conditions and provide protection upon these conditions. We provide value to the end customer in both cost and performance. In 12V/2A applications, we can improve efficiency by 2 percent with standby power below 90mW and fast load dynamic response. This is one of the lowest standby power levels achieved in its class.”

All three products are sampling today.

Sample pricing for the ACT510-US-T is $0.18 each; for the ACT511US-T, it is $0.19 each and for the ACT512. $0.16 each.

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