Tuesday, May 1, 2012

LSI intros next-gen Axxia network accelerator card for enterprise and cloud datacenters

MILPITAS, USA: LSI Corp. announced the Axxia network accelerator AXP3420 card, designed to accelerate critical networking tasks in enterprise and cloud datacenters. The AXP3420 card plugs into a standard PCIe slot to accelerate network functions such as application recognition and security, and improves networking performance for servers and networking equipment.

The AXP3420 offloads networking functions from the host processor to improve performance and lower power consumption, providing "intelligence" that is important as the growth in network traffic driven by social networking, mobile broadband and enterprise applications is straining the ability of datacenter networking equipment to keep up.

The AXP3420 is designed to deliver:
* Easy-to-deploy high-performance network acceleration in servers and x86-based networking equipment.
* Deterministic, predictable network performance for datacenters by offloading complex networking tasks.
* Rapid software development, including production-ready software for application recognition, security and other real-world networking functions.
* Software compatibility with the entire range of Axxia communication processors and network accelerator cards.

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