Wednesday, May 2, 2012

CEA-Leti promotes LETI-3S (Silicon Specialty Solutions) concept

GRENOBLE, FRANCE: CEA-Leti announced a focus on a new collaboration mode for a wide range of industry oriented customers from start-ups to manufacturers.

The research oriented unique CEA-Leti’s world-class process and metrology tool set should also offer:
* Advanced single step processes to high end process modules to realize some or the entire product or simply make a proof-of-concept demonstration;
* Flexible customer owned processes to meet small manufacturing requirements, through prototyping or small pre-series before transfer to commercial foundries;
* Equipment access through the expertise of CEA-Leti engineers.

LETI-3S for Silicon Specialty Solutions is targeting start-ups, component integrators, fabless or fablite companies, equipment or consumable suppliers. Other entities should be concerned such as foundries or research centers with a limited processes offer, micro and nanotechnologies companies who don’t want low-volume activities, and high-value silicon wafers dealers.

3S addresses following main domains:
* Deposition.
* Front Side/Back Side cleanings, wet etch and stripping.
* Lithography with dual side alignment capability. LETI-3S can provide generic masks but usually works on customer designs adapted to CEA-Leti lithography tools.
* Etching.
* Implantation, epitaxy, diffusion.
* CMP, bonding, grinding, dicing.
* Advanced in-line metrology.

LETI-3S is operated on the Minatec Campus in Grenoble on 24/7 200mm and 300mm technological platforms. Lower wafer sizes should be available thanks to an innovative holder technology. LETI-3S can provide substrates or work on customers wafers, pre-processed or not, through stringent contamination protocols.

The ISO9001 certification reinforces CEA-Leti’s leadership position as an industry oriented research center. LETI-3S ensures a full traceability from process flow conception to products delivery. SPC, FMEA, audits or conformance certificates to specifications are available according to the type of inquiry.

“LETI-3S is totally in accordance with the CEA-Leti missions to create and to transfer innovations to the industry“, said Laurent Malier, CEO of CEA-Leti. “This is a great opportunity for us to give a simple access to our resources and thus enlarge significantly the panel of our industrial partners on different markets in our application domains.”

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