Monday, September 3, 2012

IXYS offers 1kV/30A Q3 HiPerFET power MOSFET in surface mount lightweight package

MILPITAS, USA & BIEL, SWITZERLAND: IXYS Corp. announced the availability of its Q3 HiPerFET Power MOSFET in a Surface Mount package called SMPD, the MMIX1F44N100Q3. Available with a blocking voltage of 1kV and current rating of 30A, the device can be easily surface-mounted on a printed circuit board (PCB) using a standard pick-and-place and reflow soldering process.

No costly screws, cables, bus-bars or hand soldered contacts are needed. Weighing only 8g, it is much lighter (typically by 50%) than comparable conventional power modules, thereby enabling lower weight power systems for the IXYS customers. This is one of the key “Green” initiatives of IXYS Corporation in developing new products for the Cleantech industry that are lighter in weight.

Due to its new compact and high performance SMPD package, the MMIX1F44N100Q3 MOSFET exhibits a low package inductance and high current handling capability. A ceramic isolation of 2.5kV is achieved with the DCB substrate technology --- an electrically isolated tab is provided for heat sinking.

“This unique device is part of our initiative of taking power systems on a diet, literally, with the aim of reducing the weight of the power semiconductors in a typical power system. Weight reduction is a key effort in reducing greenhouse gas emissions in the production, shipment and use of power products,” commented Dr. Nathan Zommer, founder and CEO of IXYS. “Our lighter products use less material, require less energy to ship, and result in lower weight products for our customers, a critical desired feature in a lot of applications, including portable equipment, and for the automotive and transportation industry.”

The Q3-Class is a direct result of combining the latest PolarHV technology platform with advanced double metal construction, resulting in an optimal combination of low on-state resistance and gate charge. Additionally the device has a low gate-to-drain (Miller) charge and low intrinsic gate resistance. These enhancements lower gate drive requirements and switching losses.

Additionally, the power switching capability and ruggedness of the device are further enhanced by the proven HiPerFET process, yielding a power MOSFET with a fast intrinsic rectifier. The result is a low reverse recovery charge, an ability to sustain hard-switching operations and an excellent rate of rise of the drain-source voltage (up to 50 Volts per nanosecond).

These featured diode properties translate into a faster transient response, an increase in power efficiency and higher operating frequencies. Other beneficial product features include a low junction-to-case thermal resistance of 0.18 degree Celsius per Watt and high avalanche energy rating of 4 Joules. The high avalanche energy rating enables operation at higher voltage ratings without snubbers or other protection devices. It can absorb transients and thus enhance the reliability of the designed system.

In addition to other applications, the new Power MOSFET is well suited for DC-DC converters, inverters, battery chargers, switch-mode and resonant power supplies, motor drives, E-bikes, and electric and hybrid vehicles (EVs and HEVs). In particular, the enhanced dv/dt rating and high avalanche energy capability mean additional safety margins for stresses encountered in high voltage industrial switching applications, thus improving the long-term reliability of these systems.

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